HACAN welcomes commitment of new Richmond MP to continue fight against airport expansion

HACAN has welcomed the commitment of the newly-elected MP for Richmond Park and North Kingston Sarah Olney to continue the fight against Heathrow expansion after her defeat of Zac Goldsmith last night.  The first words of her victory speech were, “Zac, let me assure you I will continue your fight against Heathrow.”

HACAN chair John Stewart said, “We welcome Sarah Olney’s commitment to stand firm against the proposed third runway and look forward to working with her in Parliament.  The Liberal Democrats have a proud record in opposing Heathrow expansion.”

And a big thank-you to Zac Goldsmith

Few people have done more to oppose Heathrow expansion than Zac Goldsmith.  He has worked tirelessly in Parliament and outside it and has been the driving force behind many of the great events that have taken place.  He’s an honourable man; a man of his word.  He has been – and will remain – a hero of the movement.

7th December: South London Public Meeting

Catford Public Meeting, organised by our sister group HACAN East on London City Airport’s concentrated flight paths, 7.30, St Laawrence Church, Catford, SE6 2TS  London Assembly member Len Duvall amongst the speakers

Our Flickr page has great photos of pictures of recent campaigning  events check it out to see the range of protests that have been taking place 

Parliamentary Bill on Aircraft Noise

The first reading of the amendment to the Environmental Protection act 1990 section 3 to include Aircraft Noise as a Statutory Nuisance was proposed and passed in the house of commons this afternoon with the second reading on 20th January 2017. The bill being introduced by Tania Mathias MP may not become law but it does highlight the fact that aircraft noise is exempt from the law covering all other forms of noise.

Third Runway News

The Government gave the green light to a third runway on 25th October.

Here is the official statement:


The fact  Government gave the green light to a 3rd runway doesn’t mean it will ever be built. The opposition is huge: residents, activists, local authorities, politicians from all parties. The earliest it will get final planning permission is 2020. There will be a lot of turbulence before it takes off, if it ever does.

In the short term we can expect a legal challenge from key local authorities, plus Greenpeace.  Teddington Action Group has said it will mount a challenge in the courts.

In an unprecedented step, cabinet ministers who have been long-standing opponents of it – people like Justine Greening or Boris Johnson – can opt out of the decision.

What happens next:

In the first half of next year the Government will consult on

  • Its wider National Policy Statement on Aviation since the statement will include all aspects of aviation policy, not just the runway but will include consultation on the needs for the runway as well as its impacts
  • Its draft Airspace Strategy (but not individual flight paths)

This will lead to a vote in Parliament to approve the NPS during winter 2017/18.  Even that is not the end of the process.  Heathrow will then need to lay its detailed plans before a planning inquiry.  It does not expect final planning permission before 2020/1 and aims to built the runway by 204/5.

Scroll down more news and briefings on a 3rd runway

Noise and Flight Paths News

Many people are in despair about the constant noise over their heads.  95% of the emails HACAN gets that contain a complaint are from areas which get no respite from the noise.  Read more here:

HACAN will fully engage in the consultation on airspace changes when it is publishes early next year.  If these changes are introduced well, it is an opportunity to bring relief from the constant noise so many communities, a lot of them over 15 miles from the airport, are experiencing.

Heathrow has commissioned a major study, expected to be published in Spring 2017, looking at the most effective way to introduce meaningful respite for more communities.  In July 2016 it published a preliminary study it carried out on respite: 2694_FinalReport_2-0_June 2016

Respite could bring real relief to many communities. 

Read why HACAN backs respite:

And why ‘respite plus’ may be needed for people living in ‘hotspots:

 Heathrow’s latest Blueprint for Noise Reduction contains welcome measures in the battle to cut noise:

Check out our flight paths button for up-to-date developments:

Seminar on Aircraft Noise and Mental Health

HACAN, in conjunction with the Aviation Environment Federation, staged a successful seminar on aircraft noise and mental health on 4th July in Parliament.  It was chaired by Tanya Mathis MP.  The speakers included Dirk Schreckenberg, one of the authors of the ground-breaking NORAH Study, and Matt Gorman, Director of Sustainability at Heathrow Airport.

 Summary of presentations of seminar on aircraft noise and mental health (pdf)

Read latest blog on what could be done to ease the situation for people with mental issues living under the flight paths:

More on the 3rd Runway

Theresa May has fiercely opposed Heathrow expansion in the past.  For details see:
Short Briefing Booklet Heathrow 3rd Runway and video on why a 3rd runway could curtail growth a airports outside London and the South East. 

Why a 3rd runway is undeliverable 

7 easy-to-read briefing sheets spelling out the 7 reasons why a 3rd runway cannot be delivered

7 pages Briefing sheets

READ: 20 Things To Know About A 3rd Runway

Download our Briefings in PDF format: Third Runway timelineThird Runway at Heathrow FAQ

Help us by joining our cause and helping the campaign here.


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