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Ascot: over 1000 at flight paths public meeting

Over a thousand people packed a public meeting in Ascot on 13th October to protest at the flight path trials which routed many more planes over their area.  Heathrow Airport, NATS (air traffic control) and the Civil Aviation Authority explained that they were testing new procedures not necessarily new route.  The trials would end by mid-November.  The trials are part of a wider programme to modernise European airspace by 2020.

Ascot Rally

Flight Path trials to end early

The controversial trials of possible new flight paths are to end early – on 12th November instead of January – after a public outcry from areas which got many more aircraft.  Also, another set of trials has been postponed until August 2015.  Heathrow has said the trials are to test new procedures and any permanent changes in flight paths would be subject to full public consultation and would need to be approved by the Department for Transport.

The Sunday times (4/10/14) reported on the trials Suburbia in revolt at new f light paths

Heathrow may halt controversial flight path trials early

Heathrow Airport has tweeted this morning that it is considering cutting short the controversial flight path trials which have aroused so much opposition.  The trials were originally intended to go on into next year.  They were designed to test new ways of flying planes out of the airport but have met with huge opposition.  A petition in Ascot has gained over 4,500 signatures within weeks:  And in Teddiington over 3000 people have signed a petition:

Click here to see the TRIAL ROUTES


Ignore Back Heathrow ‘Survey’

Our advice is to ignore the latest Back Heathrow survey which recently came through many people’s doors.  I was going to do an analysis of it but it’s questions are so clearly loaded that its bias is obvious.

Back Heathrow survey

We suggest that people follow Zac Goldsmith’s advice and “placed I have it in the recycling bin”

Read the HACAN briefing on why Heathrow is under no threat if a 3rd runway is not built: HACAN Briefing One September 2014

Third Runway: It may be all about Boris

Campaign group HACAN has welcomed London Mayor Boris Johnson’s pledge that he will “continue to fight against a 3rd runway” if elected as the next MP for Uxbridge.  He made it clear when he was selected to fight the seat for the Conservatives on Friday that there was no chance he would change his stance on a third runway.

 HACAN chair John Stewart said; “If Boris becomes the next MP for Uxbridge, it will make it much harder for any Conservative Government to build a third runway.  Boris will be put it under huge pressure from a constituency within sight of Heathrow.  His influence over Labour would obviously be less but a Labour Government could not afford to ignore him.  Boris may yet have a decisive say in where a new runway is built”.

Stewart added, “While the short-term speculation will be how Boris will square his desire for a Estuary Airport with the wishes of his most of his Uxbridge constituency to keep Heathrow open, the longer-term impact of his selection may be more important in the airports debate.”

In Uxbridge Boris two main challengers are expected to be Labour’s Chris Summers who wants a ‘better not bigger’ Heathrow and Jack Duffin, a rising star within UKIP and chairman of their youth wing, who has made it clear that UKIP if firmly opposed to a third runway.