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The Most Overflown Boroughs in London

An Analysis by HACAN (2009)

 Hounslow is the most overflown borough in London.  Richmond is in second place.  But the big surprise is that Waltham Forest comes third.   Indeed half of the top twelve boroughs are in East or South East London.  In part, this is due to the impact being overflown by both Heathrow and City Airport aircraft.  It is also indicative of the way aircraft noise has become a London-wide problem.

Read the full briefing: Most overflown boroughs in London

Airports Consultation Explained

Your last chance to tell the Airports Commission what you think………..

The final consultation from the Airports Commission was launched on 11th November. We have produced a 4 page summary outlining the key points of the consultation. Airports Commission Consultation Briefing Explained

The Commission is asking for comments on whether it has assessed its three shortlisted schemes correctly.

You may simply want to email the Commission to say in your own words why you oppose a third runway.  Email:  This short paper on may help you:

50,000 newspapers with reasons for NO 3RD runway

Today, HACAN proudly launches Third Runway News, a new publication providing residents of west London, east Berkshire and north Surrey with the facts about what an expanded Heathrow Airport would mean for them.

Read the illustrated 4 page newspaper: Third Runway News-digitalversion

HACAN is a residents-led campaign and indeed this very newspaper was designed by one of our local members, not a hugely expensive professional design company.  HACAN relies on donations and membership rates to fund our activities. Unlike some other campaign organisations, we are not bankrolled by Heathrow Airport!

Whether it is noise pollution, air pollution or increased traffic, there are plenty of reasons why a third runway should never be allowed to take off. This newspaper explains why.

Find your village or town in the yellow banner running across the top of each page and spread the word around your neighbourhood today!

For much more information on our campaign and activities, email us on