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72% of residents against Heathrow Expansion

72% people in Richmond, Hillingdon and Hounslow have voted against expansion at Heathrow in polls conducted by the three London boroughs.

Over the last few weeks people have voted in official referenda carried out by Hillingdon and Richmond and, in Hounslow, completed a questionnaire sent out to every household in the borough. Hounslow also asked about attitudes to night flights. 83% of people want them to be banned.

Read the story in the Standard.


The Airport Commission sets off a flurry of reports

The Airports Commission, set up last year, to examine whether more airport capacity is needed and, if so, where will come up with a short-list of possible sites in its Interim Report at the end of the year.

It will examine these sites in more detail before producing its final report in Summer 2015, two months after the next General Election.

Details of the Airports Commission.

A number of reports have been produced trying to influence the Airports Commission and the Government. Amongst them are:


Heathrow Airport will not press for mixed mode

In a hugely significant development Heathrow Airport (BAA as was) has said it will not be pressing for mixed-mode (planes landing on both runways throughout the day).

A Heathrow source told The Times (4/2/13):” It would be a lot of pain for not much gain,” said a Heathrow source. Heathrow confirmed its position when appearing before the Transport Committee of the London Assembly (13/2/13) It is highly unlikely that any Government would recommend mixed-mode without the support of Heathrow Airport.

For an easy-to-read explanation of mixed mode in PDF format, click here.