What we are campaigning for

The current situation:

  • Over 40 planes an hour can fly over some communities in South East London – areas at least 17 miles from Heathrow; some of them over 25 miles away. 
  • Over most areas the planes are well below 5,000ft. 
  • And it is all-day flying – without the predicable break from the noise enjoyed by West London. 
  • London City aircraft also use a narrow, concentrated route over parts of SE London on the days an east wind is blowing. 
  • There are even days when some communities get both Heathrow and City planes – over 50 in total during some hours. 

It is Plane Hell for many residents.

What we are campaigning for:

The voice of SE London to be heard loud and clear

An end to all-day flying with the introduction of multiple routes, rotated to give each community a meaningful break from the noise

An end to London City’s concentrated flight paths

Heathrow and London City to work together when planning flight paths

Aircraft to be as high as possible over the area

An end to night flights

No third runway at Heathrow