Who we are; what we campaign for; our key people


HACAN – the Heathrow Association for the Control of Aircraft Noise – is a campaigning organisation.   We were formed in the 1970s to give a voice to residents under the Heathrow flight paths.  We are a regional body covering London and part of the Home Counties.


We recognise the importance of Heathrow to local and national economy.  Key things we campaign for:

No Third Runway

A  longer night flight ban – we would like to see 8 hours become the norm

An end to all-day flying – we want to see all communities overflown get some respite from the noise each day

Improved operational practices – steeper ascents and descents; all aircraft adopt the practices of the best – and less noise planes

We oppose Heathrow’s plans for a new runway but on many of the operational matters, including respite, we aim to engage with the airport.


We are run by a Management Committee, which meets monthly and which reports each year to the Annual Meeting.   It consists of around 16 people.  The 3 officers, Chair, Vice Chair and Treasurer are appointed by the Management Committee. We encourage involvement of our members in both our campaigning and decision-making activities.

President: Baroness Sally Hamwee
Sally is a long-time HACAN supporter. She is a former Richmond Councillor and a former member of the Greater London Assembly.

Chair: John Stewart
John is an experienced transport campaigner. He was a founder of ClearSkies, the organisation that sprung up in South London in the mid/late 1990s when aircraft noise became a serious problem in that area. He became Chair of HACAN ClearSkies when the two organisations merged in 2000.

Vice Chair: Maggie Thorburn
Maggie was born and brought up in West London under the flight path. She represents West London Friends of the Earth on the Committee.

Treasurer: Harriet Enthoven
Harriet has been our Treasurer for a number of years. She is a trained Chartered Accountant.

Helpline Line Coordinator: Monica Robb
Monica staffs our helpline. She has been with HACAN since its earliest days and has a fund of knowledge about the organisation and its supporters.

Membership Secretary: Sarah King
Sarah looks after the membership and database, a key job in a large membership organisation.

Media Adviser: Laurie Anders
Laurie is a former journalist and PR man who advises on press, publications and our PR strategy.