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20% more chance of dying of stress-related diseases under Heathrow flight path

A new study, to be published today (9/10/13), has found that deaths from stroke, heart and circulatory disease are 20% higher in areas with high levels of aircraft noise than in places with the least noise.

Researchers at Imperial College London and King’s College London compared data on day- and night-time aircraft noise with hospital admissions and mortality rates among a population of 3.6 million people living near Heathrow airport. The findings are published in the British Medical Journal. The study covered 12 London boroughs and nine districts outside of London where aircraft noise exceeds 50 decibels – about the volume of a normal conversation in a quiet room.

Link to the study. Link to the HACAN press release.

Hundreds Attend European Aviation Campaigner’s Conference

Over 250 people from six countries across Europe attended the European Aviation Campaigner’s Conference in Attaching near Munich earlier this year.

The campaigners pledged to work to together on Europe-wide campaigns to end night flights and the tax-breaks – such as tax-free fuel – which the aviation industry enjoys. You can read their full manifesto.

The growing European campaigners movement has taken much of its inspiration from the successful campaign to stop a third runway at Heathrow.