What we are campaigning for


‘A Positive Programme for Change’

At its Annual General Meeting last night (10th October) HACAN confirmed its continuing opposition to a third runway but also launched its ‘positive programme for change’ designed to get short and medium improvements to the noise climate for residents whether or not a new runway is built. The key elements are below.

Key HACAN Campaigns 2018-20

  •  A tough night flight ban
  •  Retain existing runway alternation in West London
  •  Respite for all communities
  •  Shape Heathrow’s new flight paths
  •  Less concentration of current arrivals & departures
  •  Steeper landing and take-off procedures
  •  World-class compensation
  •  Meaningful metrics

You can read more about our campaigns in this glossy 4 pager: http://hacan.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/HACAN-Strategy-2018-2020.pdf

HACAN – lobbying on your behalf

In addition to our more visible campaign activities, HACAN is an increasingly influential voice on a number of bodies set up by Heathrow or the Government.  We sit on Heathrow’s Strategic Noise Forum and its Community Noise Forum.  We have a seat on the new Community Engagement Board (CEB)* which will hold Heathrow to account on the running of the airport (including key matters like noise and flight paths) as well as oversee Heathrow consultation process if it gets permission for a new runway.   We sit on ANEG, the Airspace and Noise Engagement Board recently set up by the Department forTransport:  https://www.gov.uk/government/groups/airspace-and-noise-engagement-group  Our chair is a member of the European Commission’s Noise Expert Group and HACAN is a member of UECNA, the Europe-wide body which represents community groups around the key European airports: http://www.uecna.eu/