Frequent Flyer Levy

Frequent flyer tax plan could end the need for expansion altogether. Hacan/hacan.orguk

Innovative tax plan boosts campaign against expansion

An innovative plan to replace Air Passenger Duty with a variable levy based on the number of flights taken each year would remove the need for airport expansion altogether.

HACAN is among a coalition of campaign organisations, environmentalists and trade unions calling for a new approach to taxation around flights which would prove both equitable and fair.

A frequent flyer levy aims to reduce the numbers of flights taken by a minority of the population – while allowing ordinary families a tax-free flight each year.

Half of the UK population do not fly at all in any given year – and 15% of the UK population take 70% of all our flights

The frequent flyer levy would come into effect on the second flight during each tax year, and increase proportionally with each flight taken thereafter.

HACAN endorse the work of Possible in their proposal for a frequent flyer levy[1] and the New Economics Foundation in their analysis and assessments of how a frequent flyer levy could be introduced.[2]

A frequent flyer (or air miles) levy would be an effective, social, just and morally defensible way to reduce UK aviation emissions while maintaining access to air travel for all members of British society.

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[2] Managing Aviation Passenger demand with a frequent flyer levy