Crowded Skies

Here is a great video HACAN East has produced and released today showing not only what it is like to live with London City – and Heathrow – planes flying overhead but also what possible solutionsmight look like:

15/4/17:  Heathrow Campaigner Half Way to Scotland

On 15th April Neil Keveren, on his walk to Scotland to highlight the impact of a 3rd runway, reaches the 200 mile, half way stage in York.  He is greeted by the local Labour MP and former Shadow Environment Minister Rachael Maskell: 

5/4/17:  Heathrow Campaigner Walks to Scotland

On 4th April, Neil Keveren set out on a 400 mile walk to Edinburgh from his home in Harmondsworth, the village that would be destroyed by a third runway to highlight the downsides a new runway would have.

22/2/16: Hamish Pringle of the Chiswick campaign group, CHATR, explaining the huge hurdles that would need to be overcome before a 3rd runway could be built at Heathrow; so big they are insurmountable:  

22/2/16: Launch of ‘Hurdles Campaign’ in Chiswick:

24/2/16: The moment the Heathrow 13, who had occupied a runway at Heathrow, walked free from court (instead of being sent to jail they were given suspended sentences and community service). 

24/2/16: Short video of speeches and songs outside Willesden Magistrates Court before the sentencing of the Heathrow 13, the Plane Stupid protesters who occupied a runway at Heathrow. 

HACAN Chair John Stewart outlining the case against a 3rd runway after a public meeting in Chiswick on 25/11/10

How Aircraft Noise Affects…

This video series looks at the effect of aircraft noise on Teddington and Englefield Green – videos will play automatically.

Immediate reaction to the Davies Commission’s report into airport expansion

Residents of Sipson and surrounding areas react to the Airports Commission’s recommendation for a third runway.

Under The Flight Path Crossroad

Residents tell what it is like to live with a plane going over their homes, sometimes 1 every 90 seconds. Shot in Vauxhall, almost 20 miles from Heathrow.

Noise, noise, noise

Link to a very powerful, moving video made by a noise sufferer in the Twickenham/Teddington area. If you want to know what it is like to be truly disturbed by aircraft, watch this.

Gatwick campaign

Stylish video from Gatwick campaigners on the impact of living under concentrated flight paths and how they are fighting back.

Teddington Action Group

A Heathrow Valentine:  Love under the flight path.  Aircraft noise leads to misunderstandings on Valentine’s Day……

Mass protest

Heathrow Mass Protest: Thousands protest against the plans for a 3rd runway in 31st May 2008. Video courtesy Sky News.

Another broken promise

T5 Enquiry: BAA Chief Executive, Sir John Egan, denying they wanted ever wanted a 3rd runway – in the mid-1990s.

Other videos

April 2015:  Powerful video from Teddington residents illustrating how daft it is the authorities say they are not officially disturbed by noise.  It is because they only get planes for about 30% of the days each year and noise levels are averaged out over the whole year:  
March 12th 2015: Moving video shows the community destruction that a third runway would bring: 
Saturday 7th March 2015:  Polar bears invade Terminal 2 in protest against 3rd runway.  Watch them play, dance and protest to music:  

In June 2014 the Richmond Theatre staged the ‘No ifs, no buts’ video competition, a joint project between Zac Goldsmith MP and HACAN.  Contestants were invited to submit 2 minute videos outlining why a 3rd runway should not be built.  Here are some of the entries.  Enjoy!

Link to video: The No Ifs, No Buts Gala Evening  An overview of the evening

  –    Link to video: Heathrow Won’t Listen The winning entry

 –    Link to video: Say No  The runner up

 –   Link to video: Life Under the Flight Path In third place

–   Link to video: The Kid Prime Minister shortlisted; entertaining

–    Link to the video: Stop with the third runway a shortlisted gem

–    Link to video:  A Life on Summerhouse Lane a personal story of living in Harmondsworth, the village threatened by a 3rd runway

–    Link to video: The Expansion shortlisted; frightening!

–    Link to video: 60 seconds local people tell the story

–    Link to video: Heathrow Ruinway shortlisted; sexy!

–    Link to video: Kids on Heathrow shortlisted; funny

–    Link to video: More than Just Numbers shortlisted; moving

Link to video: The future watches London City Airport  The Future watches London City Airport:  2014 Campaigners eye-catching, stylish protest against the expansion of London City Airport

Link to video: An interesting half hour documemtary looking at the last Labour Government’s plans for a third runway ten years ago and the opposition to them

Link to video: Say NO to 3rd Runway demo, Lampton Park, Hounslow. Chant: “No Third Runway; No Mixed Mode” (start)  A lively protest in 2009 against Heathrow expansion with protesters wearing Gordon Brown mask – he was Prime Minister at the time!

Link to video: No Third Runway Song

Link to video: The strategy that defeated the third runway 2012 HACAN chair John Stewart outlines to a Munich audience the strategy used to defeat the third runway

Link to video: Conversations with local residents in West London  What it is like to face losing your home to a 3rd runway; and what it is like living under the flight path: 2008/09

Link to video: Flash Mob in Terminal 5 March 2008 On the opening day of Terminal Five hundreds of campaigners against the 3rd runway staged a Flash Mob in the new terminal

Link to video: Frankfurt campaigners occupy terminal Since the 4th runway opened nearly 3 years ago Frankfurt protesters have occupied the terminal nearly every Monday night in protest against the flight paths.  In April 2014 they were joined by campaigners from across Europe to celebrate their 100th week

Link to video: Elephants given ear-muffs (1969) Yes, it’ true.  Elephants near Heathrow became so scared of the noise that they were given ear-muffs!