10 things politicians say

1. David Cameron, 2009

No ifs; no buts; no third runway.

2.  Boris Johnson, Mayor of London

A new Heathrow runway would be environmentally and politically undeliverable.

3.  Ken Livingstone, former Mayor of London, 2008

It is vital that all airport expansion in London and the south east, including Heathrow, is halted now as it is completely contrary to the growing evidence on the role of aviation in contributing towards catastrophic climate change.

4.  Louise Ellman MP, Chair of Commons Transport Select Committee, 2013

For half a century, Britain has been paying an increasingly high economic and social price for the failure of successive governments to take decisions about how to expand London’s airports.

5.  Nick Clegg, 2013

The Airport Commission’s findings are not ‘a biblical tablet of stone’ which everybody has to sign up to.

6.  Zac Goldsmith MP, 2012

I promised before the election that if the Conservatives performed a U-turn on Heathrow, I would trigger an immediate by-election so that local voters can have their say.  I also said that I would not stand as a Conservative if the Conservatives allow room for a third runway in their next manifesto.

7.  John McDonnell MP, 2013

Here we go again. Let’s start gearing up for the mass direct action battle against Heathrow 3rd runway we will need.

8.  Justine Greening MP, former Secretary of State for Transport, 2013

I believe this strongly shows that taking a traditional 57dB approach to assessing the level of noise annoyance from any new aviation strategy will exclude a large number of people who will be annoyed and affected but live outside of the 57dB noise contours.

9.  John Randall MP, 2013

Clearly, a 57dB threshold is unhelpful if it excludes population areas that are experiencing significant annoyance from aviation noise.

10.  Sir Robin Wales, Mayor of Newham, 2013

What is it with West London? You build an airport, generate thousands of jobs, grow an economy, then say – oh, it’s a bit noisy!