Campaign group critical of Heathrow poll claiming MPs back 3rd runway

Campaign group HACAN, which opposes expansion at Heathrow, has claimed that the Mori Poll released by Heathrow Airport today is what it seems. Heathrow claims the poll shows that 60% of MPs support at third runway but HACAN argues that claim is misleading as only 143 MPs out of 650 were asked.  Of those that were polled, 84 backed 3rd runway.

Read the the full article in the Daily Telegraph: 

HACAN chair John Stewart said, “Very little can be read into this poll because the numbers questioned were so low.  84 MPs out of a total of 650 is far from a groundswell of support for a third runway.  It certainly is not evidence, as Heathrow is claiming, that expansion is becoming more politically deliverable.


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