Campaigners issue their ‘noise manifesto’ on International Noise Awareness Day

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26th April 2015 for immediate use

April 29th:  International Noise Awareness Day

Campaigners issue their ‘Noise Manifesto’

HACAN, the campaign group which gives a voice residents troubled by noise from Heathrow, has joined noise campaigners representing different organizations which  have come together to call on the next Government to take noise seriously.  To mark the 20th anniversary of International Noise Awareness Day (1)  on 29th April, the campaigners have issued their Noise Manifesto.  It outlines six key things the next Government could do to improve the noise climate (2).  The UK campaigners have made links with anti-noise campaigners in Germany.  A day of events, including demonstrations and a conference, will take place in Berlin on 29th April organized by campaigners against road, rail and aircraft noise .

HACAN chair John Stewart said: “Each year local authorities and government departments are deluged with complaints about noise.  And of course complaints about aircraft noise continue to mount.  Yet the election manifestos are virtually silent on noise.  We are urging the next Government to speak out about noise and implement practical measures to improve the noise climate”.


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(2).  Demands below

For further information:

John Stewart, Chair HACAN, 0207 737 6641 or 07957385650

For more information of the Berlin events:

Erwin Stufler:

+49 172 811 27 78

+49 6131 200 – 516 Büro

Six key things the next Government could do to improve the noise climate:

Aircraft Noise: Ensure fair flight paths for all

Road Traffic Noise: Cut speed limits

Rail Noise: Retrofit all trains with quieter brakes – would cut noise by up to 50%

Wind Farm Noise: Update official noise guidelines in order to better assess the impact on communities

Neighbour Noise: Fine local authorities who persistently fail to tackle neighbour noise problems

Piped Music: Ban piped music from public places, such as hospitals, where people have no choice but listen to it