A decision for a 3rd Runway would erode hard-won noise benefits for Prime Minister’s Constituency

Campaign group HACAN has claimed that a green light for a third runway would erode the benefits that the abolition of the Cranford Agreement would bring to Prime Minister’s Maidenhead constituency.  The Government is expected to announce its intention to get rid of it very shortly.  If it went, the number of planes landing over much of the Windsor and Maidenhead area would be halved.

For many years one of the key aims of Windsor and Maidenhead Council, backed by local residents, has been to end the Cranford Agreement (1).  At present on the days when an east wind blows every single aircraft landing at Heathrow lands over the area.  This is because the Cranford Agreement presents planes from taking off over Hounslow on the northern runway.  If it was abolished planes landing over Berkshire could switch runways at 3pm allowing residents a half day’s break from the noise, as they currently do in West London.

HACAN chair John Stewart said, “It is deeply ironic that at the very time that the Government abolishes the Cranford Agreement to give the residents a much-deserved break from the noise, the same Government might give the go-ahead for a third runway which would erode most of the benefits.”

If the Cranford Agreement goes, residents would get an 8 hour break from the noise each day.  But, if a third runway is built, that would be cut to 4 hours as the quiet period of relief would need to be shared between the runways instead of the current two.

The Government agreed to abolish the Cranford Agreement in 2008.  But it became bogged down in a Public Inquiry.  Hillingdon Council, the planning authority, refused Heathrow permission to build the new taxiways needed to allow planes to take-off from the northern runway.  Heathrow appealed to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government who is expected to announce his decision shortly.  It would be a surprise if he refused permission.

Stewart said, “Theresa May needs to be very aware that a green light for a third runway would take away many of the noise benefits her constituents have fought for over many years.”


 (1). https://www3.rbwm.gov.uk/info/200172/environmental_health/616/aviation

For further information: John Stewart on 0207 737 6641 or 07957385650