Campaign groups welcomes Heathrow’s decision to share out noise


 20/09/18 for immediate use


Campaign group HACAN has welcomed Heathrow’s intention to give people breaks from the noise when it designs its new flight paths. Yesterday Heathrow published the results of the consultation it held earlier this year into its new flights (1).

The consultation was not on the exact route of the flight paths but on how people thought they should be designed. The least favoured option was for all-day flying on flights paths concentrated over particular communities. Most people wanted a sharing of the noise so each community got a break from the noise.  Many said new areas should be avoided if possible.

In yesterday’s report Heathrow said it would design flights paths to provide people respite from the noise and to avoid new areas wherever it could.

The report now goes to the Civil Aviation Authority for approval. If it is approved, Heathrow plans to consult further on the flight paths in January. However, the exact flight paths won’t be known for another few years.

John Stewart, chair of HACAN, the organisation which gives a voice to residents impacted by Heathrow, said, “This is proof that victories are possible.   For over a decade we have campaigned for respite from the noise for people. We are pleased that Heathrow has listened and will avoid all-day flying over communities.”

Heathrow has embarked on the biggest redesign of its flight paths since it opened in 1946. It is driven less by the third runway and more by the worldwide move of changing the way planes are guided when landing and taking off. Airports are moving from ground-based navigation to a satellite-based system which allows aircraft to be guided more precisely thus saving fuel, reducing climate emissions and improving the resilience of the airport.


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