Residents dismayed by London City plans to double flights

Residents are dismayed by the London City expansion revealed in its Master Plan published today.  The airport wants to lift the current cap of 111,000 flights allowed each year to 137,000 by 2030 and to 151,000 by 2035. Last year there were just over 75,000 flights.

 The airport also wants to get rid of the ban on flights between 12.30pm Saturday and 12,30pm on Sunday.  Additionally it is proposing that more flights are allowed to operate in the early morning and late evening.

 John Stewart, chair of HACAN East, which gives a voice to residents under the airport’s flight paths, said, “For all its green talk, this plan would be disastrous for residents.  Flight numbers could double from today’s levels.  And, to rub in the pain, the airport is looking to ease the restrictions at weekends and in the early morning and late evening.”

 The consultation ruins from 28th June to 20th September.

 London City would need to go to a Planning Inquiry to get permission for any proposals it intends to take forward.

Summary in HACAN East Newsletter

Our sister organisation HACAN East has produced a 3 page briefing to help people who want to respond to the consultation: briefing

HACAN East has also produced FREEPOST postcards which you can download and send to the airport if you object to the expansion proposals: postcard  or this one: postcard two 

Black and white versions black and white postcard or this one black and white postcard two

And here are posters to download and display: poster

And black and white version: poster black and white

Read our look at why London City is going for this expansion, plus an assessment of its strategy and whether it will succeed: article

Read draft Master Plan Summary: 

Read London City Press Release

For full details of the consultation:

 The full consultation document: London City softening us up for expansion:  Read the HACAN East blog: click here

Breaking News:  16/08/19:  Campaigners have welcomed today’s call by Newham Mayor Rokhsana Fiaz for London City to halt its consultation on expanding the airport until it provides more detail on how it plans to tackle noise and climate emissions.In a letter to City Airport chief executive Robert Sinclair the mayor called the consultation “fundmentally flawed.”

“The significance of this move by the mayor cannot be overstated.  Newham is the planning authority for the airport.  This letter throws down the gauntlet to the airport to come up with a Master Plan that works for residents and for the climate.”

Read the HACAN East press release: press release 

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