Back Heathrow

Back Heathrow had a clear (and legitmate) job to do yesterday.  They were faced with a high-profile anti-3rd runway rally in Central London at which the mayoral candidates of all the five main parties were speaking.  It would get significant coverage and it did.  They needed to find a way to undermine it.

The most effective way to do so would be to highlight a low attendance.  And, sure enough, they alighted on early media reports that only a few hundred people had attended the march.  In fact, as the pictures show, the actual number ran into thousands.

However Back Heathrow continues to use the lower figure.  They need to update and upgrade it.   

HACAN has publicly acknowledged that three is more support for a third runway than perhaps many thought. (We of course also highlight the huge amount of bitter opposition to it!).  We see no point in denying reality.  It would be to Back Heathrow’s credit if they did acknowledge that the numbers attending yesterday’s rally were a lot higher than the early figures they have been quoting. 

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