Living under a flight path can give you a heart attack

A new study has found that living under a flight path increases the risk of a getting heart attack. The Swiss study (1) discovered that people exposed to a daily average noise levels of at least 60 decibels are 30% more at risk of dying of a heart attack than those exposed to less that 45 decibels. Among those exposed to the higher decibel levels for 15 or more years, the risk was 50 per cent higher.

John Stewart, who chairs HACAN, the campaign group representing residents under the Heathrow flight paths, said, “These figures are frightening. They mean that tens of thousands of people under the Heathrow flight paths are at risk of premature death.”

The aviation industry argues that aircraft are becoming quieter but Stewart argues that will not be enough in itself. He says, “For the foreseeable future, only a reduction in the number of planes using Heathrow will save lives.”


Notes for Editors:

(1). The research was carried out by Dr Matthias Egger at the University of Berne in Switzerland. It was based on a study of 4.6 million people in Switzerland.

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