Campaigners attack Heathrow runway consultation plan

Heathrow Airport’s plans to get residents’ views on preferred option for a 3rd runway attacked by campaign group.

Heathrow Airport’s plans to consult residents on which option they prefer for a third runway had been condemned by campaign group HACAN as being asked “whether you prefer being murdered by Jack the Ripper or the Boston Strangler”. Heathrow has announced that it will shortly ask people’s views on the Heathrow Hub proposal which has been put forward by an independent company fronted by the former Concorde pilot Jock Lowe. The plan, which is one of two being considered by the Airports Commission for future expansion of the airport, involves extending the existing northern runway to allow arrivals and departures to use it simultaneously. It would mean all-day flying for people under the flight path, many of whom currently get a half day’s break from the noise when aircraft landing at the airport switch runways at 3pm.

The other proposal being considered by the Commission is the one put forward by Heathrow Airport itself which is for a new runway to the north of the existing northern runway. It would enable respite periods to continue but would involve putting in place a new flight path which would bring noise to some communities for the first time. Heathrow Airport will be asking people which option they prefer.

HACAN chair John Stewart said, “Heathrow Airport has never liked the Heathrow Hub option and I suspect this is a way of putting pressure on the Airports Commission for it to be ruled out. But for residents it is like being asked to choose whether you preferred being murdered by Jack the Ripper or the Boston Strangler.”

The Airports Commission, which is also looking at a second runway at Gatwick, is not due to publish its final report until summer 2015 but will consult further on the options this year.


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