Heathrow Poll Shows Support for 3rd Runway Static

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 9/9/15 for immediate use

 Heathrow Poll Shows Support for 3rd Runway Static

Heathrow Airport today published a poll which shows that support for a third runway remains static (1).  Around 50% support expansion, with 34% opposed to it.  This is very similar to the findings of a poll they released at the beginning of the year (2).  A third of people continue to oppose expansion.  In fact the figures have changed little over the past decade (3).

John Stewart, the chair of HACAN, the campaign group which opposes expansion, “In their heart of hearts Heathrow must be disappointed with these results.  Despite the millions they have spent on advertising, the polls have not moved.  Indeed the Government, which is considering whether to give the green light to a third runway, might be more interested in the numbers which continue to oppose expansion.  Hundreds of thousands of people do not want a third runway.  That is formidable opposition.


 Notes for Editors

 (1). The latest poll: http://www.populus.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/Heathrow_Jul+Aug15PressSet.pdf

(2). The January 2015 poll: http://mediacentre.heathrow.com/pressrelease/details/81/Expansion-News-23/4363

(3). The 2007 poll:  http://hacan.org.uk/blog/?p=281

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