Mayoral Candidates Unite to Oppose any Further Expansion of Heathrow

Announcement made on National Noise Action Day

The four principal candidates for Mayor of London have all confirmed to pressure group HACAN ClearSkies that they are opposed to any further expansion of Heathrow Airport. They have all come out against a 3rd runway at Heathrow. They are united in their opposition to any plans to end runway alternation and support a phasing out of night flights (1).

HACAN ClearSkies released the news to coincide with National Noise Action Day (2).

John Stewart, Chair of HACAN ClearSkies, said, “This is a huge snub to the Government. It refuses to call a halt to expansion at Heathrow. Yet here are all the main mayoral candidates asking it to do just that. They know that a bigger Heathrow is not required to boost London’s economy. It is time the Government stopped obeying the voices of the aviation industry and started listening to the representatives of the people of London.”

Stewart added, “The Government makes a big deal of Noise Action Day. It spends a lot of money to tell people to turn their music down and stop their dogs barking. But all the time it is planning to make the noise climate worse for people living under the Heathrow flight path. Very much a case of don’t do as I do, but do as I say.”

Selected quotes from the Mayoral candidates:

Simon Hughes, Liberal Democrat: “The Liberal Democrats remain totally opposed to any further development at Heathrow. The residents who live under the flight path have suffered enough.”

Darren Johnson, Green Party: “The Green Party campaigns to bring about an end to airport expansion and action to make rail cheaper than flying.”

Ken Livingstone: “The Mayor opposes a third runway. He does not believe it is acceptable to Londoners.”

Steve Norris, Conservative: “Environmental concerns must have a significant influence in any decision over airport expansion. That is why I am against plans for a third runway at Heathrow.”

Notes for Editors

  1. HACAN ClearSkies has met with each of the candidates or their representatives and has had written and verbal statements from each of them covering a 3rd runway, night flights and runway alternation.

  2. Noise Action Day is held each year. It is organised by the noise division of the National Society for Clean Air and financially supported by DEFRA (the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs).

For further information contact John Stewart on 0207 737 6641 or 07957 385650.