Public inquiry inspector’s tough conditions…

Public inquiry inspector’s tough conditions may mean Terminal 5 will never be built

Serious strings attached to Inspector’s recommendation to give the go-ahead according to new information obtained by HACAN ClearSkies

HACAN ClearSkies, the organisation which represents residents under the Heathrow flight path, has obtained information which may mean Terminal Five will never be built. A senior Government source told the pressure group that the Inspector’s report into the long-running Public Inquiry will recommend that Terminal Five be given the go-ahead, but only on condition that BAA sticks to the terms it set out in its evidence to the Inquiry.

The fact that the Inspector, Roy Vandermeer, has put a cap on the number of flights that could use Heathrow if Terminal Five is built could mean that BAA may be forced to drop its plans to build the £2 billion Terminal. HACAN ClearSkies has been told that the Inspector has recommended the number of flights should not exceed 453,000 — the figure that BAA told the Inquiry would be reached by 2013 with T.5 in place. The problem for BAA lies in the fact that the figure was reached in July of last year.

‘Hoisted by their own petard’

John Stewart, the Chair of HACAN ClearSkies, said, “BAA has been hoist by their own petard. They have been found out. At the Public Inquiry they tried to play down the number of flights that Terminal Five would bring to give the impression that its environmental impact would not be significant. They have no one but themselves to blame if the Inspector took them at their word.”

Stewart added, “It is now all down to the Government. If it decides to give the go-ahead to Terminal Five, it should also impose the tough conditions the Inspector has recommended. Otherwise, it will have made a mockery of the public inquiry process — after all the T5 Public Inquiry, lasting from 1995-99, was the longest in British history.”

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