First arrests in new wave of direct action against airport expansion

9.55am Update — The first arrests have been made in a new wave of direct action against airport expansion. Six environmental activists were this morning arrested for aggravated trespass when they chained themselves across the entrance to BAA’s Heathrow Head office, preventing employees from entering. The action was to coincide with Heathrow airports 60th Birthday.

The group of protestors from the direct action campaign group, Plane Stupid, used chains and piping to close off the building for more than two hours. They were joined by local residents of neighbouring Sipson and Harmondsworth, many of whom will lose their homes as their established communities are wiped off the map to make way for a proposed third runway. The local people held banners and brought breakfast for the activists.

A spokesman for the campaign group, Joss Garman, explained, “This morning we have opened up a new front in the fight against climate change. These arrests are merely the first in a direct action campaign we expect to become a cause celebre for the environmental movement over forthcoming months.”

Those arrested have been taken to Uxbridge police station where they are expected to be charged with Aggravated Trespass.

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